University of Edinburgh Business School


Members of the Centre for Accounting and Society have strong relationship with main accounting bodies nationally and internationally, and work closely with accounting firms and government. They are active in engaging with academic associations and the media to debate on the societal relevance of accounting in relation to the profession, governance and popular culture.

Ingrid Jeacle

Ingrid Jeacle has undertaken research on an international fashion chain, exploring the role of accounting practices in its operation, and how such practices impact on the buying and design decisions in the contemporary world of fast fashion.

She has also engaged with the movie awards industry through her study of the scrutineering role of a Big 4 firm in the BAFTA awards process.

Paolo Quattrone

Paolo Quattrone engages widely with accounting bodies, the profession, and professional service firms. He sits on the Thought Leadership and Ethics Committee of the CIMA-AICPA and has been appointed to the Financial Reporting Council Advisory Group on the Future of Corporate Reporting.

Paolo is also a faculty member of the Major Programme Leadership Academy of the UK Cabinet, sits on the Steering Committee of Project X, which aims to improve the quality of UK Government project delivery across its vast portfolio of projects at the Infrastructure and Project Authority and is developing a major impact case on the impact that his research on data visualisation design and governance have on the delivery and management of megaprojects. In the past, he has acted as a consultant for the Department of Environment and Climate Change in relation to the cost assessment of a multibillion major programme for the production of green energy and has collaborated with PwC to draft their paper on the Future of the Finance Function.

At Edinburgh, he has been instrumental in the launch of, and fundraising for, the Edinburgh Futures Institute and chairs the annual CIMA Past President events, which are annually hosted at the Business School.

Stephen Walker

Stephen Walker has been involved in research projects on the accountancy profession funded by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and has been a member of its Research Committee and Student Education Committee. He was Convenor of the Scottish Committee on Accounting History of ICAS and was a member of its 150th anniversary committee.

He has recently been involved in the ICAEW’s project on Finance in its Broadest Sense and is a former Academic Fellow of the Institute. His work on the profession featured in the BBC Radio 4 series, A Brief History of Double Entry Bookkeeping, broadcast from 8 March 2010.